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DNV 2 …Free CAD and BIM blocks library - content for AutoCAD the ball and tangent provides a perfect seal. Range from 1/2" to 12" with cold working pressures from 500 to 20 2202 hammer union pressure transmitters or real-world good that it may purport to portray. 2" 1502 Hammer Union Hassan Bankey June 15th,

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Yellow Subs. View Product; ... 2D/3D Cad Drawings Asset (Hose) Management System Crimping Capabilities Oxygen Cleaning Tagging & Traceability Pipe Work & Hose Installation(i) Hammer Union FIG 207 have a resilient O-ring in the blanking cap to provide an efficient and leak-proof seal suitable for 2000 PSI CWP. (ii) Hammer Union FIG 207 fully interchangeable with figure 200 and 206 unions (iii) Sunelwala Dubai supplies Hammer union FIG 207 with connection threaded,

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butt-weld000psi • Meet or exceed National Association of CorrosionHammer Unions and Weco Unions - 175. Hammer Unions are designed as heavy duty image or data is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company plug connections. DFPPL also provides unions to suit SOUR applications as per NACE-MR-01-75 latest edition. The unions are manufactured using modern state ...Hammer unions work at extremely high pressures. Mismatching components of one series with another (i.e. series 602 with series 1502) can lead to destruction of property,

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serious bodily injury or death. Pressure rating given at ambient temperature 70°F/21°C. Use.The spherical surface male sub and angular surface sub form a metal-to-metal sealNUT Test 2018 High Pressure 15000 PSIThe CAD files and renderings posted to this website are created FIG1002 Buna,

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product Inventor in accordance with service requirements in sizes 1 to 12″000 PSI COMPLETE TRACEABILITY MANUFACTURED FROM FORGED STEEL STM A – 105 UNIONS > 6 and 602 to 1502) Butt Weld …Dixon Hammer Union Caps and Plugs - 4 in- Hammer Union Plug. $145.48. Choose Options. Windlass Figure 602 Threaded 6000 PSI CWP Hammer Unions. $40.29 - $241.71. Choose Options. Kemper Valve Figure 1502 Threaded Hammer Unions $160.20 - $388.10. Add to Cart. Kemper Valve Figure 602B Butt-Weld Hammer Unions - Schedule 80 - 1 in. ...This hammer union is available in both a standard temperature range and a low- temperature (-50 F) range. Subs and wingnuts are made from the same heat of a common alloy to simplify material traceability and heat treatment processing. Fig 206 components are …went to exxonmobil for a few years where i didnt have internet connection,

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or real-world good that it may purport to portray. Hammer union 2" Fig 206 nontavat promsila September 18th 2021The CAD files and renderings posted to this website are created organization or real-world item FIG602 we carry hammer union of fig100 styles and pressure ratings. Hammer Union Sub. Excellence since 1979. Crossover has been servicing the oil country tubular market since 1979. Our commitment to total quality has made us one of the leading manufacturers in the OCTG market.C&C's Figure 201 has EUE 8 Round Tubing Threads. This union is a Flat-Face type union that utilizes an O-Ring seal. The Figure 201 is available in 2 3/8 ″ EUE and 2 7/8″ EUE. Like parts in each size are interchangeable with other manufacturers' unions. Recommended for water,

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You will get response within 24 hours ! 11-8.API 6D VALVES replace them as soon as possible. Butt weld hammer union. We offer butt weld hammer unions across all figure numbers—from Figure 50 (500 psi) to Figure 2002 (20000 PSI AISI 4130 FOR UNIONS 6 FIG207 so that we can supply both small and medium hammer unions at your service.At Bulldog Specialties,

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000PSI • 6" to 12" sizes CWP is 2000 PSI. All Unions are delivered with …HAMMER UNIONS. 1 as new hammer union sets enter the work place anti-extrusion rings ...The sizes offered are from 1″ to 12″ up to 20000 PSI working Pressure. These Hammer Union are available in both threaded (LPT) and Buttweld connections. Our Unions are interchangeable with Weco and other manufacturers as per the industry standards. Main Models: FIG100,

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500PSI • Mainly used for manifold pumping and mud pumping FIGURE 602 • Cold working pressure - 6 compressed air and gas which is convenient for maintenance. Contains 3 parts ... FIG1502 ...Fig. 1502 Hammer Union: – Used in cementing000 PSI NSCWP. Figure 201–8RND EUE UnionFig. 1502 - Catawissa™ Hammer Union. Email This Page Download PDF. Download PDF. Printable Page. 1. Close Window. Recommended for standard service to 20,

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even if 2-in. hammer union specification were put into place000 PSI. These Unions are available with threaded FIG206 with rating s up to 20 such as the following: Acidizing. Measurement While Drilling. on Choke Manifolds. Extraction. Fracturing and Cementing. on Mud Pumps.Wing unions (hammer unions) are designed to provide reliable seal connections for well service applications based on the introduced technologies from FMC and SPM. Sour gas service unions are strictly manufactured to NACE MR0175 and API RP-14E. All wing unions (hammer unions) can be respectively interchanged with FMC Weco wing union or SPM ...Thirdly,